Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

  1. No refunds will be made unless discussed by both parties. If you paid for a website, you have 2 months to send content for us to start the process, if the 2 months lapse without communication, you will not be refunded and we will not proceed with the project.
  2. Please allow 48 hours for any changes/updates.
  3. Once your draft has been sent, you will only have one chance to send additional info or changes. Should you need more work done you will be charged accordingly.
  4. Any Special plugins you require or custom work will be charged accordingly, before any work will be done, you will be informed and payment will be due.
  5. Hosting is payable via EFT or direct deposit. Hosting dates are the 15th or 25th, 30th and 1st of each month. ALL invoices will be sent on the 20th of every month and 12th of every month. This invoice will indicate what you are being billed for and will be informed immediately if there is any cause of concern.
  6. Hosting fees or any other outstanding invoices that are 7 days overdue without any communication will result in hosting and agreement cancellation.
  7. We do allow 50% deposits on amounts higher than R3000 any packages or services; however, this does not count for monthly packages or services. Outstanding balance is due when drafts have been sent.
  8. The website is your own; however, the copyright will remain that of Designs By Lance.
  9. Hosting/Retainer clients have the right to cancel – we only ask for a 30-day notice to be given. Please note that if you cancel on the 1st,15th or 25th, 30th or 31st, you are still reliable to pay a hosting fee after the 30 days’ notice as this is when emails and websites will be deactivated permanently.
  10. If you are a hosting client and exceeded your maintenance, you will be informed and billed additionally. If changes are small it will start @200 per hour, if it is greater or more custom work it will start @R400 per hour.
  11. Any.co.za domain have an R100 once-off fee as this is the registration fee. This fee is payable once a year. You will be informed about 2 months upfront if you would like to renew the domain or not. This is valid for “Top Level “domains too, however at a different cost. Domain renewals are payable immediately.
  12. No work will be implemented without payment. No work will be done if your account is overdue.
  13. Designs By Lance do have the right to provide you with a 30 days’ notice, should we feel, we cannot come to a mutual understanding or business relationship.
  14. Should you would like to transfer away, we wish you the best! However, please inform us so that we can give you, your website files, which you can provide to your new service provider for them to upload to your domain.
  15. If you “break” your website, Designs By Lance will not be held accountable. We can restore it to the latest backed update where the website was still in working condition. If we exceed your hourly maintenance, you will be billed accordingly.
  16. Under no circumstances will Designs By Lance provide contact information or confidential information, login details etc to someone that is not registered as the main “administrator”! You will have to contact us on the same email or contact number and inform me beforehand before we will disclose any information.
  17. In a case of fraud or theft, we do not take any responsibility and will still not disclose any information unless supplied with a court order.
  18. If any work has been done and payment has not been received, Designs By Lance has the right to remove, block and remain the rightful owner to any and all files/projects. Account will be handed over to the legal department and the client will be responsible for all legal costs.
  19. An quote is only valid for 30 days, should you return after the estimated date, billing can change.