Why Blogs Are Important For Businesses


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Why Blogs Are Important For Businesses

Why Blogs Are Important? Looking for more website visitors? People could type your website address, but that is for an audience that already knows who you are. Your aim would be to get traffic to your website by an audience specifically looking for your services or products! Forget about buying an emailing list, it is illegal and not cost-effective for any business. There is nothing wrong with paid ads, however not every business has a constant monthly budget set aside, plus, when your money runs out, all your traffic stops!

How do blogs work and why blogs are important?

Attracting new traffic to your website, are done through blogs. By blogging you are optimizing your website for search engines. Having too many pages on your website is not the best idea. Think about how often you do update those pages with fresh content. Every time you publish a blog post, you have another opportunity to show up on search engines and drive traffic to your website. Not to mention, how much Google loves new content, they will know you are active, and they will keep checking in often!

What are the benefits of blogs?

One of the most important benefits of blogs is the fact that it helps you get discovered via social media. People can share your blog posts which give you more exposure to new audiences that you did not even know exist. Having blog content helps to keep your social media presence going. Hence it is always important for your social media to correspond to the content on your website.

Blog post helps convert traffic to leads. Every blog post you publish is another indexed page, which is a great opportunity to generate new leads. By adding a lead-generation call-to-action button to every blog post, you are not only making it more user friendly for a client to enquire, but you can generate a lead that will head straight to your sales team!

Another great benefit of blogs is that it genuinely helps with link building. Backlinks and inbound links are one of many factors why Google considers ranking your site on search engines. This is one of the most challenging parts of search engine optimization, but not impossible and a great way to gain more exposure and traffic.

A blog post indexed in search engines stays there, thus meaning your blog post can still gain traffic and generate leads weeks, months and even years after.

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