Website Maintenance

Discover the secret to worry-free websites with our comprehensive website maintenance services.

What Is Website Maintenance?

Understanding Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is like giving your online identity a dose of tender loving care. It’s about more than just keeping your site functional; it’s about nurturing its growth and ensuring that it thrives in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Think of it as the behind-the-scenes magic that keeps your website fresh, secure, and in tune with your audience’s needs.

From updating content to optimizing performance, we’re here to be your site’s guardian angels. Just like a well-tended garden flourishes, your website will flourish under our attentive care, ensuring that it continues to leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Let us handle the technicalities so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business and making your online presence truly shine.

We understand the importance of having great website maintenance

Our Website Maintenance Packages Include the following:

All updates and maintenance are done within 48Hrs
Add new pages or content to your site
Social Media integration-add your latest social content, new social buttons
Design changes, change layouts and designs (This can be done after a year of maintenance )
Image re-sizing for page speed optimization
Page speed optimization, mobile layouts, user experience
Overall website health checks including plugin updates

Website Maintenance

Revitalize Your Online Presence with Expert Website Maintenance

Improving your website performance

Think of website maintenance like caring for your car – you wouldn't simply buy a car and expect it to perform flawlessly forever. Just as a car needs regular cleaning and maintenance to stay in top shape, your website requires attention too. Wear and tear can take a toll, but that's where Designs By Lance comes in. We offer affordable, high-quality website maintenance plans that are essential for businesses of all sizes.
Keeping your website up-to-date ensures it functions smoothly and without errors. Our maintenance services go beyond just updates; we also prioritize security, ensuring your website remains virus-free and optimized for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. With our monthly content and image updates, your website will always stay fresh and relevant. Let us apply our expertise to keep your website safe, secure, and at its best.

Why Have Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance ensures your online presence stays secure, error-free, and up-to-date, optimizing its performance and user experience.

1 Hour
3 Hour


6 hour


12 Hour