Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Quetsions

1. What Is A Domain?

 A domain is the name of your website for example: We do recommend not having a long domain as this will risk your potential clients to misspell your website and ultimately not reach you.

3. What Happens If I Cancel Hosting?

If you cancel your hosting, a 30-day cancellation notice should be given. Your emails and website will go down and not be active anymore after the 30 day period. If you would like to transfer away, please inform us so that we can download your website files which you can take to your new host-they will upload your website for you.

5. Do I Choose A Template?

If there is a specific template you are looking for, it will be calculated to your quote. However, we ultimately design according to your content that you supply. You are welcome to send us links of websites you like and we will design something similar but under no circumstances will content or exact designs be copied. This can result in lawsuits.

7. What Platform Do You Use To Design Websites?

We use WordPress- this is a user-friendly platform that is much easier to use if you are looking to do your own changes.

9. What Happens If I Need Website Changes?

Depending on the hosting package you have with us, you do have 1 or 2 hours of FREE maintenance and support. You can send your changes via email and they will be implemented within 48 hours. If you do not host with us, it will fall under website maintenance and depending on your website changes we will bill you from as little as R175 per hour.

2. We Already Have Hosting, So What Do We Do?

If you are happy with your service provider and would like to continue with them, there is no issue. We design your website on a demo link and once you are happy, we make the website live on your domain.

4. How Long Does It Take?

We have different turnaround times for different packages. Popular Starter-5 Working Days, Bonanza – 7 Working Days, Bizarre 10 Working Days, Speciality 7 working days, if you are still unsure, contact us as we will guide you.

6. I Want A .Com Domain, What Now?

We only recommend a .com domain if you have an international audience. Any top level domain such as a .com, .co,, .net , .biz etc are at additional once off yearly cost starting @R270. Domains are subject to availability.

8. Can I Access My Own Website To Do Changes?

Yes, ofcourse! We provide you with your login password. However, should anything go wrong, we would not be held accountable. We can restore the website to the last backed up date when the website was still in working condition.

10. What Do I Need To Get Started?

Your logo, about us information in as much elaboration as possible, what services or products you offer as a business (be descriptive as possible), relevant images, where are you situated, contact information, any other relevant information you would like your clients to know about your business